OMG these pies right here were so delicious, tasted like my Grandma’s pies, -Monique

These pies not only tasted yummy, it was the perfect size to cheat without feeling guilty, - Tiffany

Trent and Utokia Langley are the couple behind SugaryMercy Sweet Potato Pies!  It is a subsidiary of Utokia’s popular Food Blog.  Sugar is for the sweet tasting pies and Mercy is for the Mercy and Grace placed on their marriage which has sustained them for 16 years; and still they stand, united, full of love, appreciation and commitment to one another!  They are putting the same level of commitment into their mini sweet potato pies!  CAUTION they can be addictive!

SugaryMercy Mini Sweet Potato Pies can be ordered for individuals, corporate and/or catering events (minimum order 15).  You may also find Utokia and Trent at festivals, pop-up shops, markets selling these mouth-watering mini sweet potato pies!

Utokia is a successful food blogger. She is the Founder of ShesGotFlavor! She’s Got Flavor has been FEATURED IN Parents, Better Homes & Garden, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Uptown and Upscale Magazines. Utokia has an online FEATURE ON, a FINALIST IN the 2012 Black Weblog Awards, WINNER OF the 2013 Reynolds Real Moms Competition APPEARANCE ON The Dr. Oz Show, The CHEW and FOX45. She’s Got Flavor has had the PLEASURE OF WORKING WITH Coca-Cola, Walmart, Johnsonville Sausage, Reynolds Wrap, Krusteaz and many more!